Linux Software


The trollfilter tool is a command line tool to filter trolls and troll threads out of mailing lists.


The recfilter tool is a command line tool to filter email messages based on their IP address origin.


The isopack tool is a command line tool to try and find optimal packings for backing up files to optical media.


Just a simple shell script for downloading videos from my tivo.

Also, I wrote a script for running the TiVo android app on my desktop using the android emulator.


My latest hack is for getting my mouse xinput settings to come back after I switch away with my KVM switch: The xdbusd program is a little like xinetd for dbus messages. You can use it to survive while waiting for the perfectionists to figure out how they want things to really work :-).


Kewpie is the end result of my DVD printing work. You can read about it here.


Mountie is my new app of particular interest for those who hate both gnome and KDE. Part of what I think of as my "stick in the mud" software project for those like me who hate "helpful" software. When you start mountie it pops up a dialog describing all the devices available to be mounted or unmounted, and then lets you say where to mount them or what to unmount. No popups grabbing focus away from where you were typing, no automounting things under obscure directories with obscure names only a gnome developer could love. You are in control of when and where at all times :-). Download the Qt4 source tarball at: mountie.tar.bz2 (updated on Sep 20, 2011 to get rid of hal dependencies and use udev instead, updated again on Sep 30 to provide more human readable info about disks and tweak sort order).


I wanted to be able to print to image files, so I hacked up the PDF printer, cups-pdf, to produce my own cups-png printer to generate a series of .png files (one per page).


My latest masterpiece is the most vitally important program since the invention of the 3,478,939'th screensaver! Check it out at QtMess (it pops up reminder messages :-).


The package is the source code for a qsort library routine. The primary motivation for this was to integrate it with perl someday, so perl could avoid various quirks of several vendor's library routines. This has in fact been done, and then completely replaced by merge sort (which turned out to be faster even than qsort), so it is gone from the latest versions of perl, but I leave the original source here in case anyone wants to play with it for some reason.

Windows Software

This was all developed on XP and earlier versions of windows. I have not yet developed any interest in advancing beyond that :-).


Well, NTPTime 4.2 had some bugs that cropped up in international versions of Windows, so NTPTime 4.3 has been released (about a month later). This version avoids all use of symbolic names in the code that is setting the security attributes on some event objects, so it no longer has any locale problems. The 4.3 version also adds support for the Kiss-O-Death packets that NTP servers can send to tell clients to stop bothering them.


I once built a new system with an Asus P4C800-E motherboard, and wanted to get the COM2 port working. That experience is documented here, and while working on that I generated a silly little program for controlling the output pins on a COM port. You can find the program here.


The file contains a silly little digital clock program to complement NTPTime. After all, if you can set the time accurately, you ought to be able to look at it too :-). The zip file contains both the executable and the source (it isn't very big).


The ntcli is a collection of NT command line programs that emulate familiar Unix programs of the same name. It currently includes basename, cat, cmp, ls, and rm. The binaries are to be found in and the source in Despite the NT in the name, they should also work fine on Windows 95 or Windows 98.

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