TiVo app

TiVo have just released their android app, which means I should be able to run it in the android emulator on my linux desktop in order to fiddle with my TiVo.

In fact, this script does just that for me (but note that it refers to paths where I have the emulator installed and my name for the emulator image, etc.) You'll need to modify lots of stuff to get it working for you:

One hard part was getting the .apk file to run in the emulator. The Android Market refused to let me download it on my phone (apparently because the screen is too small), so I couldn't get a copy off my phone.

Fortunately, a kind soul in this thread in the TiVo community forums posted a link where I could download it (I've also mailed TiVo support asking them to provide a direct .apk link, which probably won't do any good, but it might :-).

The second problem was coming up with the gibberish to put in the script in order to make the emulator actually run the app. The google searches I found told me how to trigger an activity in an app, but what activity do I want to trigger?

Fortunately, google also turned up apktool, which allowed me to decrypt the .apk file into human readable bits and examine the manifest to find the activity names.

Another google search turned up the info about sending an event to unlock the screen in the emulator, and I was finally able to generate the script to launch and start the app in the emulator.

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