Solidoodle 3D printer.

Game of Linux


isopack Minimize wasted space on optical media.

Open Source Theory of evolution.

My totally silent computer.

Primary Elections
Why primary elections suck.

Health Care
My health care strategy.

Tom's Fabulous Web Page

Saving the world, tweaking your linux system, and keeping your Windows computer time in sync, all in one convenient web site!
(But wait! There's more... :-)


A collection of software I provide, some older programs for Windows (NTPTime is perhaps notable), and newer code for linux.


A zany collection of hardware related gadgets like my totally silent computer Zooty and the not so silent Cell Phone Ring Detector.


Mostly information (or rants) about linux and ways to make it stop annoying me. (Unlike Windows, you can actually win fights with linux if you are persistent enough).


Probably the opposite of wisdom, but I think these ideas would revolutionize government (I just need to get some politicians to steal them and take the credit).

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