Tom Horsley

While most of my pages are about politics, here is some non-political info:

  • My preferred email address (i.e. the one I am most likely to read that won't bother me at work :-), is:
  • I work at Concurrent Computer Corporation, but my company has absolutely nothing to do with my politics (and vice versa).
  • I'm a computer programmer, not a political scientist or anything like that, but that doesn't mean I can't have good ideas about things other than computers.
  • My current favorite way to waste time is to write fabulous free software which will lure people to my web page to have their politics subverted (OK, really its playing stupid games on my computer :-).
  • When I'm not wasting time that way, I occasionally work on my quilt.
  • Sometimes I also take photographs of things I think might look good as computer wallpaper.

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