Samsung Galaxy Camera

I want to print some parts to build a book scanner, and that will mean I need a very secure mount for my Samsung Galaxy Camera to take the pictures of the pages. It has lots of glass and chrome and shiny white plastic, so it is a challenge to scan, and I don't really want to get baby powder all over something with sensitive electronic and mechanical parts, so I resorted to this:

Having gone to all the trouble to spend a long time taping up the camera with blue painters tape, I spent the rest of the day scanning it from various angles and positions so I'd have lots of versions to combine. That resulted in this initial .stl file:

After playing with it for a while and discovering how to do various new things in meshlab and other tools, I transformed it, flattening off the glass on the back and the lens on the front and fixing the orientation:

I should be able to use this to subtract a camera shaped hole from the piece I want to 3D print as a camera mount and have it held very securely in a nice form fitting shell.

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