Within these pages lie my feeble attempts to record all the tips and tricks (and rants) about Linux I've picked up over the years. Mostly to record them offsite for my own reference, but if someone else finds them useful, so much the better.

The rant icon will appear (if I think of it) in front of all my rants for those who wish to skip over them to actual content :-).


Linux is Easy! An exploration of just how easy it really is to get X working well on a desktop.

DPI How to coerce the GUI to use a different dots per inch setting (and why you often need to).

Printer Adjustment How to use the obscure alignmargins script to adjust your printer margins.

Hide Disks How to make hal stop mounting the disks you want left alone.

De-Gnoming How to live without GNOME (or KDE) taking over your desktop.

Selinux My take on the truth about SELINUX (and how to turn it off :-).

Backup My scripts for doing daily backups.

On the Origin of Open Source

Open Source Happens...

Things I do with KVM

Coming soon...
Stick in the mud.
Pulseaudio rant
Network Manager Rant
GRUB chainloading
Hard Disk Install
diNovo Mini Keyboard

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