Non Virtual Quilt...

OK, so its not a quilt yet, just a bunch of patches, but the patches are real enough. Produced by hand, by me, with the lowest possible technology - needle, thread, and patience :-). No machine stitching for me (after all, if you are going to kill time by working on a quilt, why use labor saving devices?).
So, without further ado, here's my collection of quilt patches:

Technology only came in when I used a Microtek ScanMaker X6EL, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Front Page to produce this web page (quite a step up from needle than thread, eh?) The actual size of the patches is 12 inches square, and I had to do two scanning passes on each one and combine the images.
By the way, in case you can't guess, my favorite is the one that shows up twice in the top left, and bottom right, oh, and the background too. Somehow, I managed to hit a really nice color combination on that one.

Enough pictures, back to the home page.

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