Fix the Republican Party

OK people, we can do this! We can fix the republican party and make America sane again!

The republican primaries are, naturally, dominated by the base, and the base is dominated by the sorts of voters who think Trump was a good idea.A true conservative with principles and a desire to serve the nation cannot possibly make it through the vetting of the wing-nuts in the primaries. This means men of good will do not even bother to run for office because they already know it is impossible to advance past the primary. This effect is magnified even more by all the states which have closed primaries.

So what we all need to do is very simple: Change your registration to republican. Vote in the closed primaries. Run for office yourself. But most important is voting in the primaries. Instead of the bile spewing government destroying pinheads, vote for the most intelligent and moderate candidates.

If all the people in the country who are sick and tired of the hard right breaking everything were to register republican and vote in the primaries, then we could wind up with a brand new republican party. One which is not insane. One which doesn't have any difficulty recognizing the proper attitude to take when faced with Nazis.

So come on independents! Go ahead and register republican. Come on centrist democrats! Register republican. Let's burrow from within, let's get rid of the so-called leadership in today's republican party. Let's replace it with a new republican party.

Yes, everyone would like a new third party where sensible voters could go, but the republicans and democrats have spent years burrowing into the election system like ticks. They have thrown up mountains of laws and regulations to prevent a third party from having any chance. That's why taking over the republican party is the best plan.

If we get enough sensible candidates elected, we can maybe see about tearing down those third party obstacles and fixing the way elections work so we won't ever get the two worst candidates in history again in the same election.

Page last modified Sat Aug 19 16:21:01 2017