Fun with Republicans

How to have fun in the age of Trump: Donate to democratic opponents of idiot republicans!

I started with Lauren Baer because she is running against the all-in total Trump sycophant Brian Mast in the congressional district a little north of me.

Then I read an asinine article in the Washington Post written by congressman William Hurd explaining the oh so patriotic reasons he voted to release the Nunes memo. That inspired me to donate to his opponent Gina Ortiz Jones.

Having mentioned Nunes, I had to donate to Andrew Janz for self evident reasons.

Then there is the idiot in charge of the house republican majority which has abandoned all interest in the rule of law or checks and balances to instead support a corrupt and probably traitorous President. I speak, of course, of Paul Ryan. His opponent is Randy Bryce.

And what the heck, I might as well donate to the democratic front runner for Florida governor, Gwen Graham. I always liked Bob Graham (one of the few politicians I actually felt able to vote for rather than merely voting against the other moron). Maybe Gwen learned something from him and will be just as good.

Read another article about republicans believing they can beat Senator Heitkamp in North Dakota. That's a good enough reason for me to donate to her campaign.

Mitt Romney is getting in the race to help save the republican majority in the senate. I obviously need to donate to Jenny Wilson.

Beto O'Rourke is running against Ted Cruz. No way I'm passing up an opportunity to donate to the man running against the greatest evil in the senate.

Ye Gods! Just read a profile in the Washington Post of the single most loathsome wannabe Trump congressman I've ever read about: Matt Gaetz. I must donate to Phil Ehr.

Woke up this morning to the story of congresswoman Claudia Tenny saying all the mass murderers turn out to be democrats. Ding! Ding! Ding! Time to lookup up her oponnent Anthony Brindisi and send him some money!

It seems inevitable that Voldemort (a.k.a. Rick Scott) will be running for senate against Bill Nelson, so I should go ahead and donate to Bill Nelson.

Yes, some of these might be totally quixotic campaigns, but you never know how much worse republicans will make things before the election, so it is worth a try. No doubt I'll add more names to this list in time.

And for a different kind of fun, I'm registered as a republican so I'll be able to vote in the closed republican primary here in Florida. Should be interesting this year with several candidates competing to run for governor. Hopefully I'll be able to distinguish who is the most idiotic and incompetent and see if I can help him be the one who runs against a democrat.