First Model

My first model was just my initials to see if I could get openscad to work:


// A silly little logo I can make out of my initials (T.A.H.)
// rendered in 3d. (My first openscad design :-).
// Tom Horsley - Aug 30, 2013
module tah()
   union() {
      translate([0,4,0]) cube([4,1,1]);
      translate([1,2,0]) cube([5,1,1]);
      translate([1,0,0]) cube([1,5,1]);
      translate([3,0,0]) cube([1,5,1]);
      translate([5,0,0]) cube([1,5,1]);

scale([5.08,5.08,5.08]) tah();

Printed that 3 times while fiddling with y-axis alignment that left all kinds of gaps and geometry errors in the first two, but the third came out fine after all my printer adjustments.

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