Qi Charger Shield

This is the first in what I hope will be an extensive sleep aid series of models to cover all the annoying eye searing LEDs on the gadgets in my room so I can sleep in a room that actually gets dark. Starting with the simplest model to build, of course.

NOTE: This is obsoleted by the MkII Qi Charger Shield.

shieldQi.scad is a simple ring segment that snaps around the top of my Nexus 4 Qi charger clone so the insanely annoying green LED can't project a veritable spotlight on the wall of my room (at least that's what it looks like once my eyes get dark adapted).


// A little partial ring to snap around the top of my Qi charger (a Chinese clone
// of a Nexus 4 charger orb) to block the eye searing green charger LED.
module shieldQi()
   difference() {
      cylinder(h=3, r=40.95);
      cylinder(h=3, r=37.95);
      translate(v=[-50,5,0]) cube(size=[100,100,3]);


Here you see the modified Nexus 7 case, the printed ring and the orb charger, the glaring light without the ring (hard to hold camera steady for non-flash shot showing the light :-), and the way the ring fits over the LEDs:

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