Pie in the Sky

Here is where I accumulate random ideas for things I want to try.

Sleep Aids

I've made some shields for glowing things in my bedroom, but I need to make more.

More Solidoodle Mods

My next mod might be to switch to using fishing line instead of belts for X and Y motion (haven't decided if I really want to attempt this yet).

Filament Out Detector

I have an idea for mounting a straw or balsa piece on the PVC pipe so the straw can try to rotate across the face of the filament spool, but will be stopped by hitting the filament (think of the metal rod in most ice makers that detects if the tray is filled with ice). When the filament runs out, it will be able to rotate all the way down and make a connection to indicate the filament ran out.

Dremel Table Saw

For my fan power project, I'll probably want to cut down a Radio Shack circuit board. It seems like I ought to be able to print a gadget to turn my dremel tool with a cutoff wheel into a miniature table saw just right for cutting things like small circuit boards in nice clean straight lines.


This blog shows that android devices which support OTG can talk to a USB serial device just like the arduino that runs the Solidoodle. This makes me want to build a 3D printer controller for Android with features like using the rear camera to monitor the build and compare it to the simulated build progress :-).

Another android helper idea: Most phones come with acceleration sensors you can read. I could imagine using the phone to detect what frequencies of head movement induce the most vibration in the system and then teach the slicer to avoid those.

Things to maybe download and make someday

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