Things I've Made

This page has pointers to all the things I've made from existing designs or designed myself.

Thingiverse Uploads

Here is a table of all my designs I have uploaded to thingiverse.

Local Link Thingiverse Link
washer belt tension guage
Garage door roller Solidoodle spool mount
Solidoodle Printrboard Dual Fan Cover Plate
12V Power Box
Solidoodle Dial Indicator Rail Mount
Brimmable fixed hairclip
Foamboard Case Parts for Solidoodle
Solidoodle 2 Nozzle Cleaner
Solidoodle Springloader
Solidoodle Nozzle Bedlevel Probe
Better base for Buffalo WZR-600DHP router
Sheath for Toyota Prius keyfob
Orb Qi Charger Shell
Extension Cord Holder
Solidoodle 2 PWM Fan Mount
Solidoodle Z-Stop with Nut Trap
Tweaked Photo Sweep Stand
Solidoodle 2/3 Y Rod Support
Solidoodle Direct Y Drive Motor Mount
Open Cable Chain
Sangean RCR-3 button shield
Light Baffles
Touch Probe

Thingiverse Downloads

Here's the table of designs I've downloaded and printed from thingiverse (or sometimes other places).

Thumbnail Thingiverse Link
Yet Another Solidoodle Thumb Screw
Tension Nut for 3/4" PVC Pipe
Extruder Calibration Tool V2
Solidoodle Ext. Z-Stop Screw
Solidoodle Jigsaw Replacement Extruder mk5
Gyroscopic Snowflake
Christmas Gift Box
Dalek (Complete)
K-9 mini
TARDIS Deluxe Kit
Slip on 40mm fan mount for Nema14
Print Bed Scraper
Washing Up Brush Holder
The Orange Screamer - A wide-area annoyance device
Hamster Figurine
X-Axis Stabilizer
Z-Axis Replacement
Y-Axis Bracket for Solidoodle 2/3 - Lipped version
Y Rod Bearing
Line length control washer - solidoodle
Foldable dock
Y Belt Tension
NASA Wrench
Solidoodle mk5 Extruder Fan Shroud
11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Redrawn
Expandable Battery dispenser

Designs not on Thingiverse

I either haven't decided these are ready for thingiverse, or I'll never decide that :-).

Thumbnail Local Link
First Model
Foamboard Case
My Gauge Mount
Qi Charger Shield
PCB Vise
Lamp Pen Holder
Computer Case Part
Pointy Thing
Linksys Light Barrier
TiVo Ethernet Cover
Concurrent Cup Holder

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