Filament Out Detection

As part of the Cable Chain mod, I included a place to mount a microswitch on the filament guide. That takes care of the physical part, but I need to know how to hook up the switch.

Taking a look at the Eagle files, I see all the stop switches are hooked up about the same way:

I presume the idea is to connect the common pin to the E-STOP signal that goes to the cpu, and the normally open and closed pins to each of the +5V and GND signals, so the E-STOP pin will always be getting either +5 or GND depending on the switch position.

Unfortunately, nothing in the Eagle files tells me how the existing switches are hooked up, and even if I knew that, I wouldn't know what the logic in the microcode wants for this signal.

Need to start with this post and investigate the microcode. (The description there seems to indicate that ground is the signal that will trigger the filament out detection, so that would mean I'd want the normally closed pin hooked to +5V and the normally open pin hooked to GND - but wait! The switch will normally be closed when the filament is in place, so I think I have that bsackwards - it can get confusing when you overthink).

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