Better base for Buffalo WZR-600DHP router

This is on thingiverse as Better base for Buffalo WZR-600DHP router.

I don't believe the folks who designed the base for my new router ever talked to the folks designing the case. It won't actually attach anywhere and if you just set it in the base, the router is tilted and even more likely to fall over.

On the other hand, there are these nice grooves up the middle of each side of the case, perfect for sliding in some vertical supports for a friction hold.

I used a flatbed scanner to take a 600dpi image of the bottom of the scanner, used gimp to pick off the pixel dimensions of interesting places and used openscad to design a base with vertical extensions that slide up into the grooves in the router case.


With this base in place, you can give it a pretty good tap and it just rocks a little, but stays upright.

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