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There are vast numbers of mailing lists and forums out there where you can search for answers or ask questions yourself (but you will get tired of registering on each one in order to be allowed to ask questions :-). There are also lots of useful web sites for digging up linux information. This list just scratches the surface.

  • Fedora Users list A mailing list for Fedora users which I find quite handy to observe what is happening in my release of choice.

    Search Fedora Users list with google.

  • Fedora Forum Some folks prefer web forums to mailing lists. Other than the format, this is very similar in content to the users mailing list.

    Search Fedora Forum with google.

  • Fedora Project Home This is the home page and wiki for the Fedora Linux release.

    Search Fedora Wiki with google.

  • Red Hat Bugzilla Both Red Hat and Fedora share the same bug reporting system.

    It is usually a good idea to search the bugs when trying to solve a problem since someone else may already have reported it and even have a way to work around it.

  • A Linux news web site.

    At some point, you will ask a totally harmless question like: “How does this new thing work?”, and packs of infuriated geeks will spring out of the woodwork making snide comments like: “Well, if you had followed the development, you would know!”. (As if you have absolutely nothing better to do than spend every waking moment searching for linux projects that may some day affect your life and then breathlessly follow every step of their development.)

    The site is about your only hope for finding and following such developments should you care to spend the time. (Or maybe just catching up on them once they have suddenly appeared in your linux distro and knocked you for a loop.)

    Search with google.

  • Pointers to gazillions of other linux distros (Fedora is not the only one, even if I don't mention others very often on this web site :-).

    Often particularly nasty problems (especially with hardware) manifest differently on different versions of linux. You can sometimes discover useful information by downloading Live CDs of other distros and giving them a whirl.

  • Ubuntu Forums Speaking of other distros, the Ubuntu forums often have useful information that is applicable to more than Ubuntu.

    Search Ubuntu Forums with google.

  • Linux Kernel Mailing List A mailing list with enormous daily volume, no moderation, and filled with spam and obscure linux kernel patches.

    However, if you are having problems with drivers or obscure new kernel features or bugs, it is the place to search.

    Search Linux Kernel Mailing List with google.

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