The Emperor has no clothes.

GNOME 3 is horrible, but you could get used to it if you had to (kind of like Loki must have eventually gotten used to an eternity of being chained to a rock with a serpent dripping venom in his face).

Ubuntu Unity, on the other hand, is clearly the uttermost evil spawn of Satan, having no redeeming qualities at all. If I had to use one or the other, there would be no hesitation in choosing GNOME 3 over Unity.

Now, it seems, GNOME 3 has decided it is vital to become more like Unity:

Basically, the desire seems to be to hide the menu for the application where no one will ever find it (just like Unity menu bars which simply aren't there at all till you happen to mouse over the top panel and see them materialize).

The clearly demented "logic" behind this is apparently revealed in the fedora test list message:

The theory being that the internals of the app are such that the setting are stored only once, therefore the menu in the user interface should exist in only one place echoing the internal implementation of the app. (Never asking the question "Why in the blue fuck would the user care about the internal app structure?").

Much like it is just as obvious when I'm working on a household project I can only hold one tool at a time, therefore I should always store the tools I'm not using over on the other side of the house.

I assume the GNOME 3 designers have also carefully disconnected all 2-way light switches in their homes so they will never be confused by a single light that can be controlled by multiple switches.

Probably they have also plastered over the garage door opener switch in the garage because they only ever want to open their garage door using the one remote they keep in the car (too bad if they have multiple cars I guess, but after all they only have one garage door).

The justification for removing the menu from the app I am currently working with and am focused on, and moving it to some totally random place where I would never imagine looking over on the other side of the screen is just as ridiculous.

It is so jaw droppingly, horrendously moronic, that the mind is boggled and starts casting around desperately for some explanation that makes more sense, and I think I have found one:

Open source software projects are, as the name says "open". Infiltrating saboteurs into an open source project is no more difficult than sneezing. There are no elaborate security considerations, background checks, or any protections from malicious intent other than the collective users of the open source deciding they won't use something that sucks (but linux distros all seem to be notorious suckers for shiny things as long as they claim to be new).

If you wanted to destroy an open source project, and had unlimited funds to find and recruit slick talking con men with deep well modulated voices who can convince teams of naive geeks that black is white and up is down, you could get whole teams of people working their hearts out to implement the most absurd designs imaginable based on logic that no sane person outside the malignant aura of the con man would accept.

This is how cults grow and Jonestown and Waco happen. It is clearly possible, and computer geeks have basically no defense. Their eyes are shining with the light of true believers who are privileged to be working on the software which will usher in the new millennium of computing. The thought that they are actually helpless dupes never enters their mind.

To me, this is a far more rational and believable explanation for the direction of GNOME 3 than any of the so-called logic I've read from GNOME 3 developers. Who do I think is behind this coordinated attack on open source? There are many candidates: The software pirates who find their customers would rather install linux for free than pirate copies of Windows for cheap, but still not free? The producers of commercial software (Microsoft?, Oracle?, ?) who might feel threatened by linux taking over any market share? Take your pick. At least this is a way to think about things that makes more sense than the lunatic ravings being peddled by the GNOME 3 developers. :-).

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