Zeroth: You must play the game.
First: You can't win.
Second: You can't break even.
Third: You can't quit the game.

One of the things about the Game Of Linux is that if you are a Linux user, you are playing it even if you don't want to. Just take a look at all the folks in these mailing list threads who are absolutely thrilled that the new biosdevname innovation solved a problem they never had by jerking the rug out from under them:

No ethernet connection

Yep, names like p4p1 are soooo much better than eth0 :-(

Fedora 16 killed my eth0 ?

Then there is the total failure of biosdevname to meet its own goals:

Bugzilla 746393

Bugzilla 746422

They jerk the rug out by introducing biosdevname in the first place, then they jerk it out again in a new update. How many more updates will do the same thing? I'd be willing to wager this will be a frequent occurrence until the day biosdevname gets replaced with some new and improved rewrite that jerks the rug out again.

Much of this could have been avoided if they had been willing to keep the old /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file in place. Use biosdevname to generate the names, but record them for posterity in the udev rules. This way updates wouldn't break them and users could edit the file to change the name to the one they want rather than the one biosdevname gave them.

Unfortunately that would violate the unwritten law that all improvements must be utterly incompatible with everything which came before.

By the way, if you really want the old names back, try this:

yum -C erase biosdevname

Update: We have a winner! Another biosdevname update has indeed changed the immutable naming scheme again for some users: F17: LAN interface renamed from em1 to em15. Why?

Just for the heck of it, I submitted this bug report: bug 819182. The question now is how long it will take for it to be closed as NOTABUG :-).

Irony: Disk drives used to have different names on different interfaces. An IDE hard drive might be hd0 and a SATA drive might be sd0. Not too long ago that was changed so all physical disks now have the sd0 style names (which was really fun if you had old and new kernels for the same boot partition). That eliminated a naming difference due to the physical interface dfference. Now we have biosdevname adding a naming difference due to a physical interface difference. What fun this game is!

A new fun biosdevname side-effect: I replaced my motherboard and had to find all the instances of p6p1 and replace them with em1 (There were actually several with the vlan definitions I have created over time.) If I just had the eth0 name auto generating a persistent definition like the good old days, all I would have needed to do is remove the persistent definition file and let udev regenerate eth0 for me.

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